kd system

im zola, this is my system carrd :)
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I'm keeping most details of my mental health private now. just know i been getting professional help for years, and will listen to them over random ppl who dont know me and think the worst of me :)

however ill still have this carrd because i think its helpful to have ^_^

if u do not know, the characters on this page are fursonas of the voices in my head that may be alters (such as in OSDD.) Or not, they could be delusions i have!!! i dont know anymore :3

it doesnt matter what label i give them, all that matters is theyre here and i continue to heal overall :3 and i may change in life! thats ok!

the whole and parts

the whole


About the characters:

We don't always have a visible 'inner world' or presentation, and will usually present without a visual representation. But when we do, all my alters have our own fursonas, and present themselves as such when my 'inner world' is present.
We're not actually kittydogs as a species, just use the characters for symbolic representation.

Also, the 'fursonas' themselves are used by us as characters in a story seperate from our actual selves. As such, not everything our 'fursonas' do + say are representative of our actual selves, since the characters have their own stories.

This still applies to the whole. Since my fursona (Crystal) is a character who is also a system host, not every alter Crystal has is an actual alter i (zola) has.
We tend to blend a lot, so sometimes our fursonas can show as a combined version of traits when blended.

πŸ’œ kittydog / kd / zola πŸ’œ
πŸ’œ18 yrs old [born feb 6, 2003]πŸ’œ
πŸ’œ she/her + they/them + others πŸ’œ

the whole of the system is zola, all of my alters are connected to me [if we're all mostly "blended" this is me]

im in an irl relationship with hermo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333
I love you hermo :)

you can learn more about me as a whole on my main carrd here:

toyhou.se link to fursona


she/her, they/them

I try to keep us protected and sort through things in the way that can keep us the most healthy.
Basically i keep everyone in check, and make sure everyone in the system is okay.

Due to us having ADHD, I'm mostly able to front when we take our meds. but i always wanna try and help others and myself.
I mostly wrote and put together this carrd.


toyhou.se link to fursona


she/her, they/them

hey im plant i'm like
i like sexual jokes / themes
art music nature all that shit is firee
used to go by horn but thats just my sona

i kinda had a problem with controlling saying hypersexual shit and how loud i am but im tryna get better with that yoo

toyhou.se link to fursona


he/him, they/them

Introject of my oc rage, he isn't the character itself but my oc is pretty much based off him
hey i'm pystal, i used to be more hidden but i'm actually trying to be more open and improve myself now.

i have some issues with anger and just being a dickhead in general. but im hoping things wont be like that forever. its mostly due to holding a lot of anger and sensory overload.
i am very interested in fps games, guns, gore art, music, etc. those things help me channel my anger somewhere more healthy.
sometimes i make insulting jokes so if you're uncomfortable with that lmk. -βŒπŸ’š

toyhou.se link to fursona


any/all pronouns, or no pronouns

my "higher self"
has "delusions"(idk if theyre delusions or real HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHJHSCFGSEHTF743TR7843TR783DY3789) Of being "everything and nothing at the same time" while also being "aware" and "unaware" because its a fucking paradox what the fuck

no borders fuck th <33333333 HIheyyyyyyyyyyyy I am everything and nothing at the same time I guess ill use these emojis to represent myself but 🌳🌌 but ill draw the symbol as a fractol ill often not care

,,,,, - 🌳🌌 + ⛓⭐

they/them, it/its, he/him, she/her

hello c: im comet
i love art and i may be non verbal or socially anxious some times but yeah i wanna come out of my shell some times i love reading stuff and calming starry aesthetics c:

toyhou.se link to fursona

hex / hexy
Any pronouns

i donr give a fuuuuuck :))))))))))
I got adhd and i wanna fuckin kill my self!!! jk i dont want to but i really feel like i need help!!! /lyr

HI IM HEXYYYY i love logis big dumpy XDDDDD :3 not in a weird way i just love it also i very hyper like key board smash and makiong NO SENSE i may be very childish some times but yeah i in touch with my childish side and love old silly animations :3
Im mostly the one who likes to stream on youtube cause wow im pretty out there looooll

toyhou.se link to fursona


they/them / he/him mostly, but she/her or others is fine

Tends to shut out emotions so often is smoking / doing other numbing things in the inner world to represent thatKind of a 'don't give a fuck it is what it is' attitude#1 pystal hater ;) /ji work well with logi a lot when dealing with some tough emotions but yea lol basically idfc (well i do care but its hard 2 feel like im caring hahaha)

toyhou.se link to fursona